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Welcome to Whether you"re looking for unique and different gifts for birthdays and Easter, wanting to surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend we"ve got a large selection of perfect gifts for you to choose from. You can even just indulge yourself with the biggest and best chocolate and sweets and the cheapest prices we can find. Check out the most popular items below or one of our pages for gift ideas suited to your occasion.

1kg Lindt Chocolate Bunny

From £57.30

giant 4.5kg milk chocolate toblerone

4.5kg Toblerone

From £79.99

gaint jelly baby mould for home making

Giant Baby Jelly Moulds

From £8.99

Giant Gummi Bear and a large gummy on a stick - best gift ideas

Giant Gummi Bears

From £29.99

Giant Chupa Chup

From £15.95

Giant Gummi Worms

From £26.49

10" Chocolate Pizza

From £18.99

Giant Cookie Cake Tin

From £24.99

Gaint Cupcake Tin

From £14.99